Sweet Services


We do post-production of commercials and a variety of TV-productions. The workflow contains elements as online editing, grading/color correction and mastering. We also help you with logistics and delivery of the finished production. The main tools that we work with are Avid|DS and Avid Media Composer, which are extended with plug-ins from Eyeon Software (Fusion),GenArts (Sapphire) and Boris (Continuum Complete). We also use Adobe’s software and Final Cut with Color.


We use our AVID | DS system for online editing, compositing, grading, visual effects, 3D graphics, HFR and stereoscopic 3D. Our operators have a solid experience of working on these systems, which in turn gives them the ability to be creative and find efficient solutions. We also use Eyeon Fusion, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Color and we can handle most formats and resolutions, such as SD, HD, 2K, 4K.

Digital Cinema Package

We do encoding and programming of DCP files for the film industry. We can encode, read and manage DCP files both in 2D and in 3D (stereoscopic) films and in all resolutions, such as HD flat/scope, 2K, 4K, 24fps-HFR. We can also help you with delivery of the DCP’s to Swedish cinemas, where the distribution normally is carried out via FTP, USB-sticks or USB-hard drives.

Sound Studio

In our sound studio, which has an adjacent vocal booth, we do voice-over recordings, special effects and audio sweetening/mixing for TV-and radio-commercials, film productions and documentaries. We have access to an extensive archive of male and female Scandinavian voices.


Sweet has extensive expertise within the field of file re-encoding/converting which could range from doing a simple conversion between two different file formats to something as advanced as converting between different frame rates with ”motion detection”. An example of the former could be someone who needs their file based media converted into a format that fits the equipment they are going to use, and the latter might be getting NTSC material to look as good as possible, when transferred to PAL.


We can help you with your DVD and Blu-Ray production, encoding, programming (authoring) and making interactive menus. The final result will be a complete DVD that can go straight to duplication. We can produce Dual layer DVD9, Single layer DVD, BD25, BD50 and we can also produce the DVD10 format, which can carry for example a PAL and a NTSC version of a specific program on the same DVD.


Sweet Post Production can help you with duplication of a single DVD/Blu-ray up to several hundreds of thousands copies. We handle smaller editions ourselves, while larger quantities are sent to factory for pressing. For any larger quantities the approximate delivery time is within two weeks. We also handle duplication of USB media and different types of memory cards.

Photo Studio

We have a photo studio that is for rental. The studio is best suited for product shoots, person midshots to closeup shoots and bluescreen recordings.